C++ returns

The last decade was marked by a shift toward managed languages, Microsoft embarked on this with its .Net platform, which gained much ground so far.

For so long C#.Net was the flagship language for Microsoft, in the development of Windows Longhorn (which later became Vista) Microsft said that C# would be the main language of the S.O, all the efforts were aimed to that. After some delays C++ was back to the area and so little managed code was in the final product.

Now the winds are changing again and C++ is back in the spotlight after the publication of C++11 specification.
Herb Sutter recently has announced the home of standard C++ in the web: isocpp.org.

There’re so much to come to C++ that it’s hard to not be excited about.
The standardization committee wants a more transparent process in the C++ standards to come, and Herb guarantee that it’ll be more frequently.

They start some subgroups and study-groups for the new standard as can be seen here: http://isocpp.org/std/the-committee
We’re talking about things like compile-time reflection, conceptions and standard filesystem library.
This new website intends to be a place to ask and be answered, a place where you can submit proposals to standardization. An official C++ community.

Despite Herb being from Microsoft, there’s no privileges in his talk, he talks about other compilers like GCC/Clang, he tells about the paper of C++ in Microsoft right now, and it’s back to be a first class citizen. Thanks God Microsoft doesn’t think anymore that everything’ll be managed code and Windows Phone now supports C++ too. Now they’re looking to the native and managed code in a more balanced way and of course, C++ has a good position when we talk about efficiency with abstraction.

All this aims to a bright future for C++, with more pieces of standardization being launched sooner in a more interactive and transparent process it seems that we won’t need wait a decade to new features in the language, but without to forget the efficiency that we trust and love, as arstechnica said: C++ is coming back to the mainstream.

You can watch the full interview with Herb here: http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Ch9Live/Channel-9-Live-at-BUILD-2012/Herb-Sutter-at-Build-2012 Enjoy it =)


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