Tutorial de BDD4Django (Português)

BDD(Behavior Driven Development) é um processo de desenvolvimento de software baseado em TDD(Test Driven Development). IMHO ele torna o processo de TDD muito mais intuitivo, permitindo um melhor fluxo de trabalho e softwares de maior qualidade. Neste post irei falar sobre BDD4Django, um pacote para Django que desenvolvi para usar BDD em seu projeto sem

BDD4Django Tutorial

BDD is a software development process based on TDD (Test Driven Development), IMHO it turns the TDD process much more intuitive, allowing better workflow and high quality software. In this post I’m gonna talk about the BDD4Django, a package for Python/Django that I developed to use BDD in your project seamless. This package unifies 4

Very first post

Hello reader, welcome to yet another introduction post in a blog. Please feel free to read, share and comment every post you find around here 😉 I’ll gonna talk about coding (mainly C, C++ and Python) and others programming subjects (maybe some video games too). Enjoy the visit and come back again.